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> Comprehensive on-site Maintenance
> Technical Consultancy / Professional services
> Facility Management Services
> LAN / WAN Design / Management Services
> Logistics / Upgradation / Integration
Comprehensive On-Site Maintenance Services
We provide on-site Comprehensive Maintenance Support for the following Vendor Systems, coverage or on the need basis of an Organization.

> DELL (Laptop, Servers, Workstations, PCs) > IBM (Servers, Workstations, PCs etc.)
> Compaq (Servers, Desktops) > All Peripherals - Storage Systems – RAID
> HP (Servers, Workstations, PCs) > Software and LAN / WAN equipment

Preventive Maintenance shall be carried out on regular basis.Corrective Maintenance will be carried out upon reporting a problem. Our Engineer will attend to solve Calls immediately.

The Problem will be isolated to a fru (field replaceable Unit). The fru shall either be repaired/replaced.
Critical spares, Sub-systems will be stocked at our office, so as to achieve up-time commitments.
Technical Consultancy Services and Professional Services
We provide Technical Consultancy Services for the following Vendor system: Under this offer we provide Preventive Maintenance services on regular basis.

> Compaq > Compatible Pc’s
> HP > LAN / WAN Equipment, Network Administration, Systems Administration

Corrective Maintenance will be carried out upon reporting a problem. The Response Time will be minimal. Problem will be isolated to a fru (field replaceable Unit) and the same will be informed to the customer. The customer has to provide the fru or ITE' will replace the part at an additional Cost.
Facility Management
One-point Contact i.e. Single, Contract for all the "IT" service needs of an Organization.

> Systems Software corrective maintenance Calls
> Hardware corrective maintenance Calls
> Preventive maintenance of all Systems, Sub systems on periodical basis
> Administrative support for all the inventory management information pertaining to H/W of Computer Systems, LAN / WAN equipment and peripherals existing in the configuration
> Backup management
> Anti virus management
> System Administration and management
> LAN / WAN Management and Administration
LAN / WAN Support
> Network Design > Group Management
> Network Management > Security
> User Management > Storage Management

Sharing information between different computers in your company has become a way of life for businesses, yet the use and implementation of networks is both expensive and requires a level of knowledge that most companies cannot easily afford.

We can implement a network for you or maintain your existing network with ease. Networking does not have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult.
We provide on-site comprehensive support for the LAN / WAN equipment by stocking critical spares at our office.
We have tie up with the third party distributors of various OEM's in USA, Europe and South eastern countries.
Upgradation / Integration
We take up H/W upgradation of CPU's, Memory, Storage, and LAN/ WAN equipment. We undertake heterogeneous N/W integration and Computer systems integration to suit individual customer needs.
Value Addition
We are very flexible in rendering our services, usually in a pro-active manner reaching beyond the boundaries of the service contracts in extending our services. Our value addition in terms of services is to achieve customer delight.